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White Cat in Bed

Cats just love soft and comfortable spots where they could rest or sleep. Sometimes, owners share stories about waking in the middle of the night because their cats would also creep on their sides to sleep. Cat beds are beds made especially for the cats’ use. These come in different sizes, shapes and designs that suit every cat’s needs.

Here are some of the types of cat beds that are available in the market:

  • Cat Pillow – Giving the cat a soft pillow can be a real treat to your pet. Most of the cats love to sleep in pillows and giving a cat their own personal one will let it sleep well throughout the night. A pillow that can be washed or has a pillowcase could be of advantage so it could be kept clean always.

  • Donut-Shaped Cat Bed – This bed is round shaped, thickly cushioned and has bumpers all around. This is suitable for all types of cat because a cat could easily get in and out of it.

  • Cat Basket – This type is very popular because aside from a place for the cat to sleep on, it could also be used to carry the cat around. It also comes in a variety of styles and colors that could perfectly fit the household furniture. In selecting cat baskets, make sure that there are no sharp edges that could hurt the cat. Add a cushion or pillow for extra luxury to the cat.

  • Cat Mats – This is a simple mat made of soft fabrics that could be placed almost anywhere in the house. It could also be used as bedding for some cat beds.

  • Miniature Cat Bed – This bed is a miniature of a standard human bed used by the cat. It has some features like a headboard, posters and a stand to make it look like a very small real bed. It comes with different designs that suit the owner’s preference.

  • Tunnel or Cave Cat Bed – This type of cat bed is formed like a tunnel or a cave that is made of cushion. It gives the cat a sense of privacy and has a small opening where a cat could get in and get out.

In choosing the best type of bed for your cat, there are several factors to consider. One is that the size should be just right for your cat, making sure that the cat could stretch out comfortably.  Measuring fro head to tail makes sure that the bed you purchase will be perfect for your cat’s size.

Another one is that the bed should easily be accessible to the cat. The sides or the walls of the cat bed or basket should be low enough for the cat to get in and out whenever it wants to, or else it will never use the bed and just resort to sleeping in the couch or your bed.

The materials used should be soft, comfortable and durable enough to withstand the cat’s sharp claws. The best materials to be used are natural fabrics for lining and stuffing. Natural fibers that are meant here are cotton, wool, feathers and kapok. Synthetic, hypoallergenic materials might also be used.      

Lastly, it is an advantage if the materials are machine or hand-washable to ensure cleanliness on the sleeping area. It will also prevent fleas and allergens from accumulating in the area.

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