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Bird on Girl's ShoulderOwning a pet is a part of everybody’s childhood. There would always come a time in your childhood that you dreamt of having your own pet. For children, having a pet would be like having a living toy that they can feed and play with. But for parents, allowing their children to have a pet is a sign of independence and responsibility that they think that their children already possess. That’s why, most children are not allowed to have pets not until they are in late school age. When deciding to allow children to have their own pet, it is important that they are responsible enough to understand the concept of taking care of a living animal and the consequences it entails if they fail to do so. When one is certain that a child is responsible, then parents can aid in choosing the appropriate pet.

Birds are considered to be one of the most child – friendly animals that children can have as a pet. Birds being small in size, like the finches, canaries, parakeet, and cockatiels, makes a perfect pet choice for children as it is easily manageable compared to other animals. At the same time, birds don’t require any special care or needs that must be done by the owner, making it more appropriate for children. Nonetheless, it is important that proper guidance must be given in terms of teaching children how to provide care to it pet bird. Though it may consist of easy tasks, such as feeding, but it is important that feeding must be done properly and regularly.


Birds can be fed with bird seeds. But more than that, they can also be given fruits, vegetables and other treats. One reminder is that not all birds have the same diet, meaning some birds are allowed to eat some fruits while others are not. It is important that parents ask veterinarians or pet store owners what other foods a certain kind of bird is allowed to eat. Aside from food, water should also be provided. Providing of adequate water can prevent incidents of dehydration in pet birds. Food and water should be changed on a daily basis. This is one of the crucial tasks that must be observed by kids. Failure to change both the food and water on the tray can lead to the pet bird acquiring diseases.   


Birds are animals capable of flying. They are basically used to flying around. With this, it is important to have a cage that is spacious enough to allow the bird to fly once in a while. It is said that an ideal size of a cage is thrice the size of the bird’s wingspan. Having a spacious cage can provide comfort to your pet bird. Moreover, the cage should also have both vertical and horizontal bars in order to provide safety and allow for some type of birds to climb on it. The bird cage must be placed wherein it is away from any sources of extreme temperature and weather such as drafts and direct sunlight. It is best situated in a well lit corner and against the wall. Cleanliness of the bird cage must also be maintained by cleaning it daily. It is recommended that a paper or any disposable lining must be placed inside the floor of the cage. Bird litters are usually found on the cage floor. Through this way, one can just get the disposable lining when cleaning the bird cage.

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