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10 Reasons to Own a Pet Bird

Yellow Love Bird Here are ten reasons to own a pet bird. Not every household can own a dog or cat, either because of the rules where they live, the maintenance required or due to allergies. Birds provide a way to have a pet with personality that is happy to stay indoors and play. Few people that haven't been around pet birds realize how smart and personality-packed a feathered friend can be. Even those that don't learn to talk can communicate their wants and needs to their humans easily and clearly.

The first of the reasons to have a pet bird is the fact that they are intelligent. Many species of pet birds will learn to talk, whistle and mimic sounds. Some learn to sing songs and even to use words in correct context to communicate. They are inquisitive and love to explore everything around them. They are entertaining to watch them at play and a tame bird will want to be petted and loved. They are exciting when you return home, just like a dog but won't jump up and tear your clothes.

The second of the reasons to have a pet bird is that they are easy to care for compared to furry pets. They should be safely kept in their cages when no one is home but with plenty of toys to play with, they won't mind. Cleaning a cage every day or every other day is nothing like changing cat liter or taking the dog out in the rain. Once a week, their cages should be thoroughly cleaned both inside and outside. Birds do want attention from their people each and every day and require fresh food and water each day. This is very minimal compared to most pets.

Birds are also easy to train. Because they are smart, you can learn training techniques that allow you to easily teach your bird some manners command in much less time and trouble than training a dog to come. Birds are eager to please and will learn to step up, learn what no means and even learn tricks without long months of training as long as the bird is tame and bonded to you.

Grooming isn't even an issue with pet birds. Birds are very hygiene conscious creatures and groom each feather everyday. In fact, they spend of much time grooming that novice owners often think they may have bugs on them or another medical problem. Each feather is cleaned and oiled, placing it in the right place every day. A bird that doesn't groom itself is a sick bird. Once in a while the wing feathers need to be clipped to prevent flying and nails need a trim from time to time. A weekly bath or shower is adored by most parrots but they can be provided a bowl of water for this need or larger birds can shower with their owners, a real treat for them.

Birds are flock creatures, making them be very social when in captivity. When tame and socialized, birds are loving and want attention and scratches. They like to eat when their people eat and want to interact with them each and every day. They are loyal friends that won't turn on your with proper treatment.

Another reason to have pet birds is that they are inexpensive to feed. Their pellet or seed based diet, supplemented with lots of people foods such as fruits and vegetables, bits of meat, pasta, rice, and a bit of cookie once in a while doesn't run up their food bill as a case of dog food easily does.

Birds don't require a great deal of space. If you have very limited space, a budgie, canary or finch can live in a cage that won't take up half the room and still provide lots of joy. Even the huge parrots like macaws require only a large cage and lots of out of the cage time. Cages do not have to be replaced frequently. Toys must be provided but that expense is minimal and you can make lots of toys they love.

A great reason to have a pet bird is that most apartments and condominiums that have a no pet policy don't consider birds to be pets. Unless you choose a loud, screaming parrot, most rental property owners will not object to allowing you to own a pet bird.

Pet birds are beautiful. Even the plainest parrot is a gorgeous bird. Many, such as the sun conures, a so gorgeous they are almost unbelievable! Watching a bird's antics while at play can give a bed-ridden or elderly person a new lease on life and a reason to keep living.

Another reason to have a pet bird is that they are long-lived companions. In fact, if you purchase a macaw when you are an adult, you should immediately place in your will the name of the person who will take the bird if something happens to you because these birds can live to 100! Even budgies live 15 to 30 years. Most dogs are very elderly at 20 years of age. Hamsters and other small pets live only a few years. A pet bird can be with you for the rest of your life.

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